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For our trade customers, we offer a full range of additional depot support services, designed to make your job easier. From removal of waste* and free skip uses to marketing support, we’ve got every aspect of your business support structure covered. Here’s just a quick look at what we can offer you:

Free Storage

Not quite ready to fit your development with your Window Store windows and doors? Don’t worry – we’ll look after them for you until you’re ready to install, and it won’t cost you a penny. Our free storage, for a maximum of 4 weeks, can help you save both time and money, for when those best-laid plans get put back for a week or two. Just talk to your Window Store account manager to arrange free storage as and when you need it.

Free Marketing Support

Your customers have certain expectations, and it’s up to you to present your business in such a way that appeals to the widest possible demographic. Your clients will want plenty of choice, short lead times, and great deals. They’ll also need to know why they should choose you, rather than your competitors. That’s where our free marketing support can help.

Leading Brands

Window Store is part of the highly respected Epwin Group, one of the most influential window and door specialist providers to the trade in the UK. And because we have access to Epwin Group’s very own purpose-built manufacturing centre, we can offer you shorter lead times and better prices on some of the UK’s leading brands of doors and windows. That means you can give your customers the choice of the best deals every time.

Free Skip Uses

Inevitably, there’s going to be waste with any building project. From old windows and doors that have seen better days, to packaging and wrapping on your newly delivered orders, that waste can mount up. We help you keep your site waste management under control with free skip uses and removal of waste*, much of which we can either reuse and recycle, minimising the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill.
*hazard waste not included

Competitive Prices

When you’re managing a development, whether it’s a small, two or three-unit build or a large complex, a single restoration or a huge new-build estate, you need to watch every penny. The lower your costs, the higher your profit margins. At Window Store we offer competitive prices that reflect not just the quality of the products you’re ordering, but shorter lead times as well. That means your team isn’t waiting around for products to arrive, which can cost you even more money.

Experienced Technical Support

You know your job, so we’re not going to try and tell you how to do it. But what we can do is offer you access to a wealth of technical support, delivered by experienced professionals. From design concepts to advice on conservation area compliance, our experienced technical support is your go-to service for advice, help, and information.

Free Local Delivery to Site

Costs for site deliveries can really mount up, especially if you’re ordering multiple deliveries throughout your project. Don’t worry – with Window Store we do everything we can to help keep those costs down to a minimum. Thanks to our network of depots, we can offer you free local delivery to your site, so that’s one less expense to worry about. Talk to your Window Store project manager to find out more.

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