Solid Roofs


Versatile, light, warm and safe are features that Livinroof provides. Give homes the wow factor that it deserves with a Livinroof system.

  • Grey aluminium panel matches contemporary aluminium or traditional leaded roof
  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights, speakers or pendant lighting
  • Specify the shape and place of roof glass for light exactly where you need it
  • Most configurable solid roof system available
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 5°

UltraRoof 380

The Ultraroof380 is strong and easy to install. We’ll make sure that your new replacement roof can cope with any undue pressure that might be exerted on the frames of your conservatory by environmental conditions.

  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting
  • Fast to fit for less disruption at home
  • Full-length glass panels that flood the room with natural light
  • State of the art thermal performance roof
  • Fast to fit for less disruption at home
  • Lightweight tiled roof

Warmroof Hybrid

The WARMroof Hybrid options allows even more light to flood into the room. The glass panel allows you to retain an element of light within the room yet keep the thermal efficiency.

  • Easy installation
  • 44mm triple glazed panel
  • 0.6 U-Value
  • 750mm wide bar centres are standard giving approx. 700mm visual glass opening
  • Glass right up to ridge for maximum light internally
  • Glass from ridge to eaves external aesthetics

Warm Rooms

The WARMroof system is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market.

  • Various tile options
  • Various pitches
  • Building Regulations approved
  • Quick installation & minimal disruption
  • Hybrid option available

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