UltraSky Roof Lantern

Let the light flood in with an UltraSky Roof Lantern. With fewer and slimmer bars than other systems, the Ultrasky Lantern has the flexibility to respond to your design aspirations.

If you’re building a flat roof extension with lanterns, such as a house extension or orangery, you are sure to create a sense of interior space.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a dining room, kitchen extension – or even a bedroom or bathroom; the Ultrasky lantern will support your creative ambitions and empower you to build a stylish room space that is perfect in every way.

Whatever style of property you own, the Ultrasky lantern will enhance it – meaning you’ll be able to create a traditional or modern effect. Your new flat roof extension with lantern will look exactly the way you had envisioned it and improve your home’s market appeal and value.

  • Sturdiest, most durable gaskets and glazing stops
  • Fewer bars, less potential points of failure
  • Triple layer storm shield at radius end
  • Watertight in winds up to 130mph
  • Supplied with a range of high-performance glazing
  • UK’s strongest ridge with an IXX value of 2,226kmm4 for fewer bars and larger spans
  • The strongest lantern on the market
  • Maximum size 4m x 5.85m
  • 25% fewer bars than conventional glazed roof lanterns meaning better views
  • No bulky radius ends

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