A revolution in extension and conservatory construction. hup! is the innovative new way to extend your home and create beautiful, bright living spaces quickly, with minimal disruption to your home and family.

If you have ambitions for your old conservatory, then hup! is the simple solution. Within a matter of weeks, hup! can transform an old conservatory into a modern, energy efficient extension that feels like a real part of your home. hup!’s lightweight, energy efficient walls are quick, easy, and cost effective to build onto existing bases, because they are so slim, your new extension will have 10 – 15% more floorspace than if it was built with traditional materials.


Ultimate design flexibility, transform your home with hup!

With super-insulated walls, your new hup! will be energy efficient enough to turn your old conservatory into a modern open plan extension by removing internal doors and opening up the space to the rooms beyond. Choose from a wide range of roof styles, from high performance glass roofs to super-insulated solid roofs with rooflights, to transform the thermal performance of your conservatory and flood your new hup! and adjoining rooms with heaps of natural light.

  • Ultimate Design Flexibility
  • Five Times More Energy Efficient
  • Five Times Faster To Build
  • High Quality Finish Every Time
  • One Supplier, One Project
  • Kind to the Planet
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