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hup! Building System

Are you considering expanding your home, renovating an old, neglected conservatory, or setting up a dedicated home office? Look no further than hup!, the innovative building solution that is five times faster to build, with less mess and disruption. It is suitable for any type of construction project, making it the ideal choice for transforming your home.

Transform your conservatory or build an extension with hup! Its energy-efficient walls and roofs create the perfect sanctuary at home. hup! is highly energy-efficient and creates beautiful, well-lit living spaces with minimal disruption. It can be used to construct any style of extension or renovate an old conservatory, completing the project five times faster than traditional building methods.

Product features

  • Five times faster to build. Less mess, less disruption.
  • Ultimate design flexibility. Create any style or size.
  • Five times more energy efficient. Ultimate thermal performance.
  • High quality finish. A perfect build every time.
  • Hassle free. One supplier, one project.
  • Lightweight advanced building technology.
  • 60% more carbon efficient. Eco-conscious & kind to the planet.
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hup! is incredibly versatile. Whether you want to add your dream extension to your home or convert an old, unloved conservatory into a modern living space, hup! can be used for any type of building project. There are many reasons why hup! is the better way to build.

Forget about horror stories of lengthy builds, mess, disruption to your home, and budgets spiraling out of control – with hup!, all of these issues are eliminated. What would take months to build with traditional methods will take weeks with hup! and what would take weeks now takes days. Built in any weather by one familiar team, hup!’s rapid connection technology means your new hup! can be built five times faster.

The revolutionary way to extend your home or transform an ageing conservatory

Highly energy efficient, fully accredited and 5 times faster to build than traditional building methods. Choose hup! to improve your home and build your dream extension, adding space, light and value.

Ultimate design flexibility and performance

You have complete freedom in designing your dream extension with hup! You can create any style or size, choose where you want to place windows and doors, select from five roof styles with glazing options, and pick any external wall finish to match your home. The hup! walls are slimmer, providing 10-15% more floor space compared to traditional builds.

hup! is five times more energy efficient than the average UK home, which helps in reducing heating costs. Additionally, hup! is environmentally friendly, producing zero waste during manufacturing unlike traditional building materials.

Visit your local Window Store branch to learn more about the hup! home extension building system and get a free, no-obligation quote today.

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