hup! is the revolutionary new way to extend your home and create beautiful, bright living spaces quickly, with minimal disruption to your home and family.

The future of home extensions

A building revolution, hup! uses highly energy-efficient panels in place of traditional brick walls and timber roofs. These groundbreaking panels make hup! extensions five times more energy efficient than the average UK home so that even with plenty of glass, your hup! will be every bit as warm as the rest of your home. This advanced technology also means that hup! extensions can be built five times faster than a brick extension.



Work which would usually take several months with a traditionally built extension has already been done when your hup! arrives at your home. Your skilled hup!
builder will then build your new extension – usually in a matter of days.

Along with being ideal for extensions, hup! is also a fantastic choice for conservatories and conservatory transformations, as well as garden homes.


The benefits of hup!

  • Five times faster to build than a traditional extension
  • Ultimate design flexibility to suit the style of your home
  • Five times more energy efficient than the average UK home
  • One supplier, one project; making hup! quicker and easier to manage
  • 60% more carbon efficient
  • Easily transform an old conservatory into a stylish living space
hup-building-extension hup-conservatory-transformation

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