Clearview Roof Light

Let The Sunlight Shine Through – ClearView Skylights flat rooflight windows are available in various sizes all supplied with an easily fitted rebated timber kerb.

  • 6mm Toughened ACTIVE Self-Cleaning rooflight
  • Argon Gas Filled Cavity
  • 16mm Spacer Bar
  • 4mm Toughened Low E Glass
  • This all together gives a total thickness of 26mm
  • The timber kerb fully encapsulated once fitted – better than Aluminium Kerb's!

Quantal Roof

Choose a Quantal aluminium conservatory if you want something distinctive. Made from aluminium, it’s even stronger than a uPVC or timber system and can be customised to suit your requirements.

  • A choice of glazing bars. These can work with wide-spanning structures too, to help you build your structure as planned and prevent you from paying more than you need to.
  • Superb thermal performance and condensation elimination. This is delivered in part by the chambered combi eaves, box gutter and foam insulation.
  • Innovative Speedlock attachment. This performs two crucial functions – it perfectly aligns the glazing and prevents the ingress of water via a dedicated weather seal feature
  • A wide variety of eave options. The Quantal roof can be adjusted to 2.5°. It can be used with lean-tos, and the eaves can be strengthened to cope with wide-openings and Gable designs.
  • Limitless Choice of Colours. The range of choice is almost limitless, and the results last – thanks to the acrylic formula used in our paint and the technological methods we use.
  • Create Beautiful Sightlines with a Cornice. Add a decorative cornice into the design mix to create clean sightlines. Made from aluminium, the fine detailing will add a touch of style and presence while hiding your guttering from view.

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