Why a UPVC Door is an Ideal Choice for a Front, Side, or Back Door

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

There is a range of materials for your customers to choose from when it comes to the right door. As an installer, builder or DIY enthusiast, you will always be faced with the option of traditional wood, however other materials are also available which are becoming more popular. One of those materials is UPVC, or PVCU.

Consumers may have heard of PVC before – after all, it is used for building applications, mostly with piping, plumbing, and the like. But PVCU doors are a derivative of PVC, and they are also known for their versatility, durability, strength, and low maintenance qualities. If your customers are looking to replace their front door, side doors, or back door with a new entryway, they may well want to consider PVCU.

The benefits of PVCU doors

Enhanced security

A top priority for your customers will be to make sure that their property is secure at all times. And their doors are the most likely places where intruders can break in. So homeowners want a door that can give an extra level of security. The good news is, PVCU doors provide just that. PVCU doors have a strong inner core and frame, usually made from galvanised steel. This reinforced core and frame makes it harder to break a PVCU door down. In addition, PVCU doors can be made to resist being forced open by tools such as crowbars. Your customers can also augment the level of security of their PVCU door by installing multi-point locking.

Affordability and cost-effectiveness

040120130850000822_sCompared to other types of doors, PVCU is cost-effective and affordable. Another plus, which contributes to its cost-effectiveness, is the fact that PVCU doors are more thermally efficient than wooden doors. This means that they are more effective at stopping the cold from coming in, and, conversely, preventing warm air from coming out. Aside from this, PVCU doors usually have a better fit when they are installed, leaving no room for spaces where draughts can enter. All of this, in turn, leads to a noticeable decrease in energy bills for the household as well.

Noise reduction

If your customers are constantly bothered by outside noise coming into their premises, they will be happy to know that PVCU doors are useful in noise reduction and insulation. Because they are naturally well insulated, less noise from the outside can come in, resulting in a more relaxing environment indoors.

Low maintenance

As mentioned, PVCU doors require little to no maintenance. All it takes is a little regular wipe down with a damp cloth and a little oiling of the door’s locking systems. PVCU doors are extremely durable and do not need to be repainted or refinished, unlike wood doors. Also, PVCU doors are not affected by extreme temperatures, meaning they do not warp, rot, flake, chip, or crack.

A range of colours, styles, and designs

And if the consumer is concerned about aesthetic appeal, they need not worry. PVCU doors today come with a whole array of colours and can even be made to replicate the traditional look of wood. It is also possible to have it customised according to a chosen style and design, with features such as glass panels, stained glass, and the like.

Choosing the right door – whether it’s for the front door, back door, or side doors – is crucial. Come and visit the door specialists at one of our stores (click here to find your nearest Window Store) for advice on not only the right door for your customers needs, but also for your own peace of mind – knowing that they will be satisfied with a great product. When you install a PVCU door in your customer’s property, they can rest assured of better security, savings on their energy bill, and a more pleasant, welcoming façade all in one.

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