Top Tips for Selecting the Right Windows

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Whether consumers are looking to replace their existing old windows or are involved in an entirely new window project, the windows they choose can make a big impact, not just on how their property looks from the outside, but also on their finances and utility bills.

Choosing the right windows is important, and this is where the right knowledge comes in. Your customers need to be aware of their options, and they also need to know exactly what it is they should be looking for in order to make the right decision.

Following are a few factors your customers should consider when selecting their windows:

The Window Frame

The material your customers choose for their window frames can mean the difference between windows that are not only practical and durable, yet stylish as well, or windows that are high-maintenance and energy inefficient, besides. This being said, consumers may be confused with the variety of the window frames available – from traditional wood to aluminium and even vinyl. There is one kind of material, however, that is increasingly gaining in popularity and being chosen by more business and property owners: uPVC.

As a material, uPVC is known for its durability and its long-lasting appeal. Additionally, uPVC is very easy to maintain and does not get affected by weather changes, unlike wood. In fact, uPVC does not flake, warp, peel, or rot, and does not even need to be repainted either. And if your customers like the look of wood, uPVC windows can be made to have a ‘wood finish’ look that gives it a classic appeal.

Consumers should not forget to consider the windows’ locking mechanisms that comes with the frame as well – this is important; particularly if they are concerned about safety and security for their property.

The Window Glass

Another primary factor to be considered when choosing windows is the glass. If your customers want their windows to be more thermally efficient, then they can opt for double-glazing rather than just single glazing. If they choose to have double glazed windows, less heat will escape from within, and cold temperature will be less likely to come in. This also results in better energy efficiency for the entire property and a welcome reduction in their energy bills.

Ventilation of Windows

The windows’ ventilation is important as well, and this will depend on the style of the window chosen. If your customers would like to have windows that have sashes that can be closed or opened, then they can choose casement windows. Casement windows are known for providing the best level of ventilation for any property. Your customers can also opt for sash windows, depending on the style and design of their premises.

Consumers also need to think about the colour and design of their windows. As a window supplier, The Window Store (you can browse through our extensive selection and know more about our services here) offer a wide range of colours and finishes, from dark green to attractive oak wood finishes. As an installer it is also important to choose a The Window Store as your window supplier as we will be able to offer you valuable insights and recommendations on the right windows for your customers, along with a good guarantee and continuous, personalised service.

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