The Window of Opportunity to Add Value

Monday, October 26th, 2015

There are lots of ways to add value to a property, many people get to work changing the layout of their houses, putting in new kitchen’s & bathrooms and ensuring all the soft furnishings are up to scratch. But what about the Windows and Doors these are often overlooked and will not only add value to a property but also save the homeowners money on household bills in the long run.


Suddenly it is worth investing in their property because if that investment is done wisely, it is likely to add extra value to their home. It is likely to be the biggest investment a homeowner makes in their life and it is therefore worth looking after. Modernisation is generally always worthwhile and that is most definitely the case if it involves making the property more energy friendly. Whether you are a builder, window installer or DIY enthusiast the inevitable round of energy price increases is not too far away and you should consider what action you can take to minimise yours or your customer’s winter bills.

Save Energy

200420121051332143_m 2The Windows Store has 16 Branches in the South West and may have an answer. If your windows are old, perhaps made of wood and not quite as well-fitting as they were when they were first installed you could well be suffering draughts and heat will almost certainly be escaping through the cracks. The UPVC windows that we sell can prevent that from happening. A new window or door will provide the most up-to-date energy efficiency and U Value so the homeowner will benefit from not losing all that expensive heat that they are paying for. Selecting a good manufacturers and suppliers is essential and if those windows are then installed properly the homeowner will see an instant reduction in their monthly energy bills.


This does involve some investment from either yourself or the customer but it will pay off. There is no doubt that new windows will add to the value of a property in relation to others in the neighbourhood. Interest rates remain low anyway so this is time to think seriously about acting and encouraging your customers. New Windows and doors are a real benefit and you or your customer will save on future bills at the same time if action is taken before the winter comes.



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