How to Sell the Benefits of PVC-U Windows to your Clients

Friday, December 11th, 2015

No matter how many years you have in the business, it always helps to brush up on your selling strategy and keep in mind factors that will influence customers into spending money on your products. After all, the market is competitive and it’s not a good idea to rest on your laurels and think that you know it all. Here’s how to position PVC-u windows at the forefront of your customer’s minds – and make them more likely to buy PVC-u windows and doors from you.

  • Promote the long history of PVC-u

PVC-u has a long history and PVC-u window manufactures like Sierra have been using PVC-u since the 1970’s to construct a cost effective, safe, and energy-efficient option for windows and doors. PVC-u has evolved over the years and is now used in hundreds of applications for all types of purposes, including electronics, for all types of purposes, including electronics, consumer packaging and construction. If customers are looking for a material, which has been tested and proven over a long period of time, then PVC-u is the answer.

  • Describe the Heat Conservation Benefits

PVC-u windows are designed to keep more heat in the home for longer. Your customers will therefore notice lower heating bills – the heating systems will not need to work so hard to get the room warm.

  • Talk about PVC-u’s Durability and Strength

300420120408073644_mAccording to PVC-u window manufactures like Sierra, PVC-u is the material of choice if you are looking for a strong, durable and resistant set of window frames. PVC-u naturally resists a whole host of factors that could result in the wear-and-tear of the frame, including moisture. PVC-u will not rot like a wooden frame, and it will help keep the mould and mildew at bay. The frames will keep their looks for years to come, making them an economical choice.

  • Point Out the Benefits of Recycling to the Environment

The PVC-u industry has invested millions of pounds to develop a sophisticated recycling service, brining thousands of tonnes of ‘waste’ material back into use in a new generation of advanced energy efficient and sustainable products. Importantly, this includes a capacity to recycle not just production off-cuts but also old PVC products, for example doors and PVC-u windows that have reached the natural end of their life cycle.

  • Tell Customers About Installation Ease

PVC-u windows are easy to install – the downtime associated with replacing windows and doors is kept to a minimum. As the windows are easy to install, your customers benefit from an improved service.

  • Discuss Choice of Design

PVC- windows are available in a wide variety of designs, specifications and colour. Customers will appreciate being able to choose a window type that suits the look of their home as well as their needs in terms of security.

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