Choosing the Right Front Door

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Every property needs a front door – whether your customers are running their own business and are looking for the right front door to welcome guests and visitors, or they are simply looking for the ideal front door for their home. The front door that they choose can be even more important if they have a business establishment, because the right one creates a good impression. Another reason why it’s important to choose a supplier that will offer the perfect front door for your customer’s business is security. They need their business property to be secure at all times, especially at night.

With this being said, what front door should your customers choose for their business or home?

The materials available

As an installer, you will be aware of the range of materials available to choose from you when it comes to an entry door. Of course, the wooden door is a classic, but nowadays, your customers can also choose uPVC or composite doors which have the same look as wood, but without the issues which wooden doors have – namely, rotting, warping, flaking, and more.

uPVC or composite doors are becoming popular as entry doors for the mere fact that these types of doors have a long lifespan and do not need rigorous maintenance. In fact, composite and uPVC doors do not even need to be repainted like the traditional wooden door. Also, uPVC and composite doors can be reinforced with extra security features, and come in an array of classic styles, colours, and designs.

The entry and locking system

040120130850000822_sIt is a given that a front door needs to be as secure as possible as well. For this, your customers will need to choose wisely. If they would like to enhance the security features of their entry door, then they may want to choose one that has a multi-point locking system. It would also be wise not to neglect another front door feature – the door handle. Choosing the Window Store as your supplier will offer your customers a choice of door handles that are not only stylish and attractive, but practical and easy to use as well.

The front door’s efficiency

Along with visual appeal, practicality, and security, it is a good idea for your customers to consider the energy efficiency of the front door that they choose. An energy or thermally efficient front door will enhance a property’s cooling and heating system and allow home or business owners to conserve energy as well, resulting in a reduced energy bill.

Choosing a door supplier and manufacturer

As an installer, builder or DIY enthusiast, you will be aware of the range of choices you have when it comes to door manufacturers and suppliers, but if you want to make a good decision, choose a door supplier and manufacturer who can give you a door that can be customised according to your exact requirements. A supplier such as the Window Store – we will offer various door styles, from bi-folding doors to French doors, traditional-style doors with glass panes, and more. In addition to this, choose us as your door supplier because we can offer you a variety of glazing options, colours, and designs for your threshold.

A front door can make a vast difference in the number of clients and visitors your customers welcome into their establishment and their business security. But keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will mean that their front door is all that they require – and more.

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